Find Elfina – a playful letter hunt

I ran a project for children during the last Christmas at the Church of Sweden, Nacka parish. Find Elfina is an interactive and educational letter search for children. The small plastic prints of the little elf Elfina were pasted at various hiding places around Nacka parish’s four churches. All the elves had different letters on their Santa hats. The goal of the letter hunt was to find all the elves, and letters, in order to form the winning word. With the right word, you won a prize. This project became very popular with the children in the congregation, so we had to procure more prizes than planned.

Beneath you can view some of the artwork used and a poster for this project. I’ve also included the monthly magazine from that month, to give you a little insight in what this project was like. In this specific magazine I did a similar search, partly for it being a good marketing strategy regarding to the real life hunt, and partly just for it being fun!