About me

I was born in the north of Sweden and after growing up closer to Stockholm, I went back to Luleå for a higher education.

At Luleå university of Technology I got a bachelor’s degree in Graphic design where I graduated in 2020. Since then I have also studied to become a journalist and started a master’s degree in Communication for development.

Today I work as a Communications and Sponsorship manager and also as a university student mentor. But in my free time I like to paint, travel and watch documentaries, as well as compete in cheerleading.

I view myself as an activist and I’m especially passionate about lgbtq+ issues. Speaking of which, you should check out the art collection I exhibited with this theme at Luleå City Library in 2022.

Feel free to check out my art and the projects I’ve developed, or send me a message on the Contact me-page for a tête-à-tête!